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European and French Business Economic Environment

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This course focuses on the Economic issues of the European and French Business Environment.

From July 3, 2017 to July 13, 2017 (2 weeks)


This course focuses on the Economics issues of the European and French Business Environment.
The first objective is to develop and expand knowledge and understanding about the basic drives behind Globalization and its impact on the European and French Economy.
The second objective is to acquire an understanding of the economic and social challenges the European Union and the French Society face since the financial crisis.


Students should be able to discuss and develop the main issues and trends in European and French Business Economic Environment and its impacts on education and the job markets.
Students will be asked to demonstrate the above outcomes through their participation in class (debates, group projects, readings), and a final exam. Emphasis will be placed on the development of analytical skills, critical thinking, and written and oral communication skills.


The course is taught in English. It consists of a mix of lectures, readings, discussions and conferences with OECD experts. A strong emphasis will be placed on group work and oral participation. The content of the course and what the students will get from it will be built upon their own personal and professional experience and interactions with others.
Students are also encouraged to make connections between current world events and topics discussed in class. They are strongly encouraged to bring in examples that you have found, observed or experienced in their own careers (if relevant), countries or personal lives. Slides and readings will be available on the intranet (Eprel).

The course will be taught by faculty members (Prof. Boris Najman, Michel Stambouli, and Eric Hertzler) specialized in European Economics, Economic Policy and Business Management from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FSEG – UPEC).

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