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Michel Stambouli

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European and French Business Economic Environment

Dr STAMBOULI Michel is assistant Professor in Economics in FSEG (Faculté de Sciences Economiques & gestion) of U-PEC (Université Paris Est Créteil) for more than 20 years. He is Doctor in Economic Sciences, specialized in Labor economics, (thesis "precarious jobs in French National Education System", Université Paris I, 1998) and gives lectures in L3 (Bachelor) International Economics (Labor Economics), for undergraduate students L1 & L2 (History of Economic facts, History of European mentalities, Statistics, Methodology). He is in charge of the first year of licence of economy and business studies and member of the International Relationship board in FSEG.

He has published several training books for high schools students in economics and in statistics for first year students, and his thesis was published (Stambouli M., 2000, L'économie du travail – des théories aux politiques, CIRCA, Nathan, 192 p)

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