French Language in major French industries: fashion and « Le Luxe »

Published on February 7, 2017 Updated on February 9, 2017

This course focuses on a French language approach of the main sectors of the French industry, such as Fashion and Luxury, giving the opportunity to the students to be able to make a professional use of the language regarding their goals in this field.

French Language in major French industries: fashion and « Le Luxe »
From 3th July to 13th July, 2017 (2 weeks)

As the Luxury field is very wide, the course is based on two axis:

Hight quality handcraft and premium products:
• Craftsmen of the Luxury “Maisons” (folding work for Hermès’s famous “Carré”, Louboutin and Martin Grant by Gérard Lognon, feather work for Stéphane Rolland and saddlery by Hermès)
• Oenology ( winemaking process, wines French map, tasting method)

Digital Luxury Marketing:
• Position of the luxury field regarding digital communication, counterfeiting risks, brand image, characteristic services of the luxury brands and social networks.

Students should be able to discuss and develop about those two axis in French language gaining an exclusive new linguistic skill that would allow them to communicate with French professionals of those sectors.
Students will be asked to make oral presentations at the end of the course regarding those subjects and take a writing final exam in order to confirm the mastery of technical language. Emphasis will be placed on the reinvestment of linguistic items in similar communication situations.

The course is taught in French for B1 or B2 French level. It consists of professional documents analysis for the purpose of extracting, understanding and then using the specific linguistic material. The approach will be also built in actual practice such as:
• Wine tasting with a professional and expression of the taste in French
• Creation of digital projects for the luxury field with an oral presentation in the class
• Oral presentation by the students of hight quality handcraft in other countries
• Cultural outings about Fashion and Luxury in Paris

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