IMPACT (International Media, Political Action & Communication Technologies)

Published on February 5, 2015 Updated on February 22, 2017

IMPACT aims at giving a critical perspective on International Media, Political Action & Communication Technologies.

IMPACT (International Media, Political Action & Communication Technologies)
From July 3, 2017 to July 13, 2017 (2 weeks)

For Master level students interested in political and public communication, social movements and transnational media activism, as well as the role of communication technologies in international relations. Suitable academic backgrounds include communication studies, political sciences, discourse analysis, area and cultural studies and sociology.

IMPACT aims at giving to its students a critical perspective on how the internationalization of communication, the sharp increase and speeding up of the production of information, and the unprecedent development of digital media, play a role in the way political action, citizens mobilizations and public debates are now be framed.

Becoming familiar with international communication as a field of study
Understanding how open data, governmental transparency & citizen mobilizations could be linked
Analyzing the dynamic relationships between social networks and the building-up of public debates
Analyzing digital processes in electoral campaigns
Finding out transnational political action, mediactivism and alternative communication

The course starts with introductory lectures on how different themes and disciplinary perspectives come together in International Communication. Before the start of the course, selected readings will be made electronically available to students. Students split into groups will investigate examples of international communication and use critical communication studies as a theoretical framework. Students will report their findings in formal presentations to be discussed by fellow students and assessed by the teachers.

 From a theoretical point of view, becoming familiar with seminal and recent academic research in the field
Deepening one's knowledge on the internationalization of the media, the organization of global civil society and the uses of digital technologies
Methodologically speaking, being able to work collectively, within a multicultural team, to build and present publicly in English a critical case analysis


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> Stéphanie Wojcik
> Benjamin Ferron

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