Paris by night and options for the weekend

Published on April 17, 2015 Updated on December 18, 2015

Enjoy activities on night and weekend : picnic, visits...

[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Picnic at the Champs de Mars
Have a picnic at the Champs de Mars. A large greenspace in Paris located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Palace of Versailles
Visit the Versailles Estate.

[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Picnic in the Parc Floral
Every year the international Paris jazz festival occupies the Parc Floral, a great opportunity to have a picnic and listen to a jazz concert of the famous artists in the world.

[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Disneyland Paris
Enjoy a day at Disneyland Paris Park.

[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Brunch at the Gaîté lyrique
Enjoy a "Melting popote" brunch at the Gaîté lyrique, the place for cultures in the digital age.